Ho Bee Support at $1.82

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Ho Bee 26th March 2010

Ho Bee support level at $1.82 has proven to be a strong resistance in the past week.

Coming into the new week, the uptrend line has crossed above $1.82, lending further to the support.

Volume has sort of dwindled, coupled with the strong uptrend, this is a sign that things might start to move in a big way.

Accumulate with stop loss at $1.79

NOL Broke Out of $1.93

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NOL 09th Mar 2010

NOL has broken out of $1.93 on high volume, forming a support of sort at this level.

Volume remains high today on a down day, mainly due to resistance at $1.98.

Upside potential is huge once $1.98 is broken.

Cut loss at $1.91

Ho Bee Testing $1.82

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Ho Bee 09th Mar 2010

Ho Bee’s double top seems an unwarrant worry, given its recent price movement.

Uptrend is still intact, with support at $1.73.

Immediate resistance is at $1.82.

A bullish flag has formed and a break out of $1.82 looks like a high possibility, given its low volume retreat from $1.82.

STI Regain 50 Day Moving Average

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STI 08th Mar 2010

STI has regained its 50 days Moving Average.

The medium term 100 days Moving Average has proven a tough nut to crack and will continue to provide strong support.

Price should find support at 2830 and 2809, which is above the 50 days Moving Average.

GMMA has started to cross over, indicating the possibility of uptrend continuation.

On the weekly chart (not shown), stochastics has flattened, and started to turn upwards, signalling the recovery has just started.

Cut loss at support level of 2830 / 2809.

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