Stock Portfolio

Portfolio initial allocations focus on blue chips with stable earnings, strong cash flows and consistent dividends.

Venture, Cerebos and SingPost should yield a consistent 12.5% , 10% and 8% p.a. respectively.

Later purchases focus more on cyclicals and high beta stocks.

STI 6 months

STI 6 months

The rationale for market entry in April 2008 was due more on emotional reasons.

Subsequent purchase in December 2008 was influenced by the low in October 2008, which saw it traded below 1500 during intra trade, forming a long tail. Then in the November low (first red circle), it failed to break the previous low set in October, signifying an early bottom. And within the next few days, the short term downtrend was broken (first red line), which prompted me to buy further.

Fortunately, the March low did not cause further downside. STI subsequently gapped up (second red circle) which resulted in the March to April rally, breaking the medium term downtrend in the process.

My next purchase came a few days ago when the STI falls momentarily before gapping up (third red circle), which surprises everyone. Looks like the rally is set to continue with some more steam.

AS at 18th August 2009

CASH Holdings

Realised ROI : 80%

No Holdings

CPF Holdings

1st Dec 2008 : Cerebos                          1000 shares @ $2.48

1st Dec 2008 : SPH                                  1000 shares @ $3.43

1st Dec 2008 : Venture                         1000 shares @ $4.00

9th Dec 2008 : Singpost                       5000 shares @ $0.73

16th Dec 2008 : SembCorp Marine 3000 shares @ $1.66

§ 2 Responses to Stock Portfolio

  • Richard says:


    I noted tat your webpage had been inactive since your last post on Ausgroup on 2/6/09.

    Kindly advise, will your webpage be inactive from now onwards or u will still post your stock analysis occassionally.

    I sincerely look forward to seeing your stock analysis on a regular basis.

    • skybach says:

      Hi Richard,

      thank you for your support.
      I have been rather busy these few days with a project running on crunch time.

      Rest be assured that I will still be active and running the blog. Because, my money is still in the market!

      In the event if I am not posting, you can always post me a comment and I will try my best to give you my views.

      Once again, thank you, for your support.

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